Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mainstream Media Covers Fire at 1611 Hillside Avenue...oh, What Interesting Things We Learn..

Here is the link to the the story on the fire at 1611 Hillside Avenue N.  Any one else catch the title?!? Ready, two dozen people lived in that house???  Come on...I can only wonder what other nuggets of information will come out of this story...

Massive Convergence of Minneapolis Fire Vehicles on Hillside Avenue N

There is an extraordinary red, blue, and white flashy light show on the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Hillside Avenue right now. Two full-size fire rigs can be seen with lights a blazin' including bright white flood lights that Illuminate the dark and cold street and reflect off the sad leftover Christmas snow. There are several others as well… Down Hillside Avenue, one can see the full rig was flashing lights that looks remarkably like a mobile command center. Up always on the 1600 block of Hillside is another such vehicle that also looks like a mobile command center. There is an unmarked red SUV with flashing emergency lights as well, which is usually an indicator of a fire chief (or deputy) or some other equivalent rank. 

Even at one o'clock in the morning, the streets look just as busy as can be... and louder than the maroon "boom car" one can hear throughout the day driving up and down the street. When asked, several individuals pointed in the general direction of 1611 Hillside Ave. N. as the source of all of the cacophony. Even as this is been drafted, a man walked eastbound up Hillside Avenue, dressed in all black, carrying a tripod with extended legs. Could the mainstream media be involved in reporting on the massive convergence of Minneapolis fire vehicles on Hillside Avenue?

Still, there are reports that this is the second time tonight the fire rigs were sent to 1611.  First, there was allegedly a basement fire...now, the story is there was a fire in the walls, which is the reason for all of the vehicles.  One speculated that since the sheriff's office attempted to serve a warrant at this address, there have been a lot of parties...

I guess the party's over (about time)...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

ACTION on HILLIDE: Four Brown Government Vehicles Deliver Visitors to 1611 Hillside Avenue North

There is action right now on Hillside Avenue...four brown vehicles detailed with markings from the Hennepin County Sheriff Office converged on the 1500 Block of Hillside Avenue .  Six uniformed deputies emerged and walked up to the former Pamiko Property of 1611 Hillside Avenue N. (it should be noted that his blog has referred to this area before as the Hillside Hotspot, click here and here for previous stories). The address was confirmed by another witness.  One deputy with grey hair held a small stack of folded papers that were yellow in color.  Within minutes, the deputies returned to their vehicles, talked to each other and then drove away.  Since the deputies did not enter the house, it is the estimation of Hillside Chronicles that is was an attempt to execute an arrest, not a search, warrant.  More information soon... 


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photo Journal: The Razing of 1551 Hillside Avenue North

The house number clearly shown...

Hillside Chronicles Advisory: Stay Off or Drive Very SLOW on the 1500 Block of Hillside Avenue North

The backhoe is now in position ... the dingy blue dumpsters are in place ... the team has just been connect to the city water system.  The hose is go.  It is estimated that due to the tight working space it will take approximately 4 or 5 hours to completely demolish 1551 Hillside Avenue N.  If you must drive down the 1500 Block of Hillside Avenue North, please do so SLOWLY.  There are makeshift speed bumps on the street and working crew is using very heavy (and dangerous) machinery.  I am told and this plot of land will stay vacant for only a few days as the crew has been instructed to dig the hole of the foundation for the new house that will go in its place.  Check back in few for a photo journal of the razing ... the engines are fired up and the first swing is about to happen ... GO NoMi Revitalization!!!    

Monday, December 3, 2012

1551 Hillside Ave. N. -- Tomorrow it will be Demolished

The final hours of 1551 Hillside Avenue N.
(no complaints here if the backhoe swings to the left too)
It's shear determination and focus that allows me to declare victory tomorrow on a blighted property that has been one of the biggest eye-sores for the 1500 block of Hillside: 1551 Hillside Avenue N. 
Tomorrow it will be demolished. 
Doing a search of my own blog, I turned up several pages of posts that referenced 1551 Hillside Avenue North, and the associated issues...whether is was an absent landlord, the drug-dealers, squatters, the debatable condition of the property, vandals, the thief haven, the Karate Kid style of securing the property (boards on...boards off, on and off again), sidewalks, graffiti, fires, attractive nuisances, sidewalks again more debate over the conditions of the property ... well, I think you get my point.  I could cut and paste links for awhile more but I think it suffices to say that the history of this property has been documented.  Now, after all these years, with all these issues, brings us to this moment...the final hours of 1551 Hillside Avenue N. as we currently know it.  This is another example of why it is important to get involved in your neighborhood and your block...to become a voice in the village.  To express an opinion, to advocate for change: 1551 Hillside Avenue N. 
Tomorrow it will be demolished.
If I look over my list from a few years ago, I am pleased...1564-resolved, 1530-resolved, 1551-to be resolved, 1522 - to be resolved.  Tomorrow will be a good day for revitalization on Hillside Avenue: 1551 Hillside Avenue N. 
Tomorrow it will be demolished. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ages of Suspects in Hillside "Juvenile Burglary Ring" of Thanksgiving 2012 Released

You can read all of the details of the Hillside "Juvenile Burglary Ring" of Thanksgiving 2012 on the Adventures of Johnny Northside by clicking here, here and here.  Below you will find more details that were released in the standard MPD ACTION ALERT:


MPD ACTION ALERT - Case No. 12-362798
Incident Location: 15** Hillside AV
Date and Time: 11/22/2012 1:12:00 PM - 11/22/2012 1:12:00 PM

Primary Offenses: Burglary Of Dwelling

Public Information:
Entry made by shattering the rear door window. Exit made through same window by some, and side window by others. Arrested were trans to JDC. PC authorized by SGT Barnette.

RE: Case closed by arrest

Arrested Parties, if any (name - age / Address AptNo City, State Zip):

MPD ACTION ALERT - Case No. 12-359758

Incident Location: Hillside AV Irving AV N
Date and Time: 11/19/2012 1:35:00 PM - 11/19/2012 2:35:00 PM
Primary Offenses: Loitering W/int Narc
Public Information:
On the above date I was flagged down by a store employee at 1510 West Broadway. He stated a black male wearing a black hat and black jacket had taken items from the store. He stated the male was also selling marijuana in front of his store.
Arrested Parties, if any (name - age / Address AptNo City, State Zip):
Sean Hill - 19 / 003422 Fremont AV N Minneapolis, MN

Friday, November 23, 2012

KFC on W. Broadway is Boarded

Yesterday, 11.22.12, I took the picture you see to the right of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food restaurant located on West Broadway. Sad, isn't it?  For years I was annoyed that this KFC did not have any landscaping.  Judge for yourself...the red wood chips is all they have...no shrubs, natural grasses, or ever daylilies...hell, daylilies are everywhere and look decent, which isn't saying much if all you have is red wood chips.  Anyway, the KFC is boarded now, at time when -- allegedly -- the Minneapolis Public School building is bring hundreds of lunchtime hungry employees (told ya their brownbagers and wouldn't be interested in what the (honorary) Colonel had to offer). 


Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Voted Almost Two Weeks Ago...

I did! Let's move to the next issue...

...yeah, so what's with the continued attempts to influence the already casted votes???  Seriously, our votes are gone...casted, spent, or (for some) thrown to the side under the undemocratic theory that it didn't count (sad little theory). So then, why are the political campaign signs still up? 

To the losers: You if lost in the primary...your signs should have come down already (like August 15th).  If you made it to the general election and lost, well my fellow North Minneapolitian, its time to face the music and take 'em down.  Typically, they don't magically come down (without a 311 complaint); so, as a proper end to your campaign, you should pick a nice day (like today), be kind to your supporters and go get 'em. 

To the winners: Congratulations...I appreciate your efforts to take down the signs already.  As a side note, it seems like its easier for the winners to take down the signs since, after all, they won and there is no glory in being the candidate that won because...well, you've graduated to being the [insert office]-elect, which is much cooler title.

To both the losers and winners: Check out Minnesota Statutes 211B.045 ... it says you had 10 days after the general election to take down the sign...so do it already...your supporters will not be happy if someone complains about it...  

Note: Hillside Chronicles Approves this Message.